Pass Plus is an optional course regulated by the DSA and is considered the best way to give additional driving experience to new or young drivers (and peace of mind to their parents). I am listed with the DSA as a Pass Plus Registered Trainer.

 Kingston Bridge, Glasgow

Completing the Pass Plus course will often result in discounts on your insurance. For new or young drivers this can be very considerable. However, the main aim of this course is to impart valuable knowledge to drivers who have recently passed the Practical Driving Test, and who want to learn new skills and techniques, improve their anticipation and alertness and learn how to reduce accidents.

Young drivers are involved in a huge proportion of road casualties, due to a combination of inexperience and a tendency of many to take risks. One in eight licence holders is under 25, yet one in four fatal and serious-injury crashes involves a driver this age. Road crashes are the biggest killer of 17-25 year-olds.

Pass Plus is not about the amount of money to be saved on insurance, but the experience to be gained by completing the course. No fatalities or serious injury resulted from this crash - but next time they may not be so fortunate.

All roads, including Motorways, are dangerous places for every driver. They are especially dangerous for new drivers who have not had any training or experience. Compleating the Pass Plus course will give you that training and experience.

Pass Plus training takes at least 6 hours. It has 6 modules, covering driving:-

  • in town
  • in all weathers
  • on rural roads
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorways

  You won’t need to take a test but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you will have to reach the required standard in all six modules.

The course can be taken in 6 one hour sessions; 3 two hour sessions; 2 three hour sessions or 1 six hour session, depending on your preference or schedule. The longer sessions allow us to travel further, therefore giving you experience on a much wider variety of roads and situations.

In addition to the six core modules we will also cover, finding a destination using maps or Satellite Navigation systems. We will also fuel the car, check the tyres and do other basic safety checks. Bring a CD or listen to the radio as this reflects the real world you will be driving in. A highlight of the Pass Plus is a MacDonald’s drive through.

The cost of the Pass Plus course is only £140 and is a wise investment in your future.    * I will pay for the fuel and the MacDonald’s.